Video for Woodward Canyon Winery

A short video created for Woodward Canyon Winery featuring Rick Small [owner & director of production at Woodward Canyon] talking about some of things that make winemaking at Woodward Canyon so special. Video is such a great medium because it allows the viewer to see and hear firsthand the passion that someone such as Rick has for his craft.


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More video coming soon….

Produced and filmed by myself and Pete Hickerson.

Music by Sager Small.



The Beginning – Hank Zion

With this being the first post to this blog, I thought that going back to one of my early photographs would be a good place to start. Meet Hank Zion:

walla walla photographer

One Summer, my Father and I took a road trip in a 1969 Mercury Comet from Baltimore, Maryland to the Southeastern part of Maine.  We stayed in a small rustic cabin on the shore of Flanders Pond, and this is where I met Hank Zion.  In the evenings, he would sit out on his rickety old wooden pier and fish for small mouth bass and talk about catching, “the big one.”  Hank had a lot of character and his personality was what you would likely imagine it would be when looking at his portrait.  After visiting with Hank for several days, I knew I had to create a portrait of him.  He hemmed and hawed and deliberated about allowing me to take his portrait, but finally relented.

I took about five frames of Hank late one evening just before the sunset with a Pentax 67 medium format film camera [this was the era prior to digital cameras], developed and printed the film myself.  I don’t know if it is the look of analog film photography or Hank’s character or a combination of both, but this is still one of my personal favorite portraits.

I never did see Hank catch “the big one,” but I hope he is still trying…


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